About Us

Russell Brace


Russell  plays guitar, bass and is the lead singer for Reach For The Sky. Russell is a songwriter and is also the choir director at his church and along with Sherry, they created and run the iconic Stage 5, a long running campground stage at the Winfield Walnut Valley Festival.  He has years of experience managing live sound which is a skill he brings to the group every time we play out

Sherry Brace


Sherry plays mandolin, bass, guitar and sings lead and harmony vocals.  Along with her husband, Russell, they have played music around Kansas and Oklahoma for over 20 years.  Her harmony skills are remarkable and she's sometimes known as the "harmony-natzi" at band practice which  is really a fun reference to her work-till-you-get-it-right attitude for harmony singing.  She also puts on excellent workshops on a variety of subjects such as Music Theory 101 and the Nashville Numbering System.  

Dr. Renee Eberle


Renee plays 5 string banjo, bass and sings harmony.  Renee is an accomplished outdoors person, loves to hike long hikes with husband Joe, and is a semi retired Doctor of Veterinary  Medicine.  Renee is a board member of the Kansas Bluegrass Association and does their newsletter.  She, along with Russell and Sherry are founding members of Reach For The Sky and is responsible for the band name which came in-part from the childrens movie Toy Story.  

Bruce Johnson


Bruce plays dobro, sings bass harmony vocals and some lead vocals.  He is a 2015, 2nd place winner of the "Miscellaneous Acoustic Instrument" contest at the Kansas State Fiddling and Picking Championships.  He is a songwriter and loves to converse with audiences wherever they play.  He and wife Nancy like to attend music festivals, is a former board member of the Kansas Bluegrass Association  and also wrote and sells an iPhone app for bands called GigMonkey. 

Janet Rhoads


Janet plays fiddle and sings.  She also plays with another local bluegrass group.  She has competed at the Kansas State Fiddling and Picking championship and enjoys college basketball with her husband Tom.  Janet teaches fiddle lessons and is a board member and Secretary of t

he Kansas Bluegrass Association.